7 favourite ‘chill activities’ when travelling with children

Travelling is one of my favourite things. Having the opportunity to do something different every day is phenomenal. I love experimenting and trying new things. 

I hate going on walks where you walk back the same way you came, I would much rather do a loop and see new things at every turn. I hate rewatching movies and TV shows where I already know the ending. I would much rather watch something new (Wedding Crashers is the only exception, I have watched it thousands of times!).

Having said that, even when you’re travelling there are times when you just want to chill. Being on the move the whole time can be exhausting. You can’t burn the candle at both ends, it just wipes you out. 

When travelling, ‘chill time’ is as important to my family and I as being on the move.

I have jotted down some of our favourite things to do when we have ‘chill time’.

1. Reading books on Blinkist 

I do  like to read but I also tend to skim books and pick out the best bits. For me, being introduced to Blinkist was a godsend. 

For those who don’t know, Blinkist takes books and condenses them to a ten minute read or fifteen minute audio book. They pick the best bits out of some of the best business, mindset and learning books in the world. 

I make sure I set aside 10-15 minutes every day to read or listen to at least one book. I’ve learnt so many things that I have been able to use in my work and home life.

2. Doodling and colouring



An amazing person I met via Facebook, called Gareth Stubbs, sent me a colouring book to boost mindfulness.  He designed the book after his mother passed away. 

I’ve really taken to it and both Laura and I have made it a necessity to take time out to colour. It not only helps our mindset, but sparks creativity for future blogs, vlogs and social post ideas. We have also bought some books for the boys as well, as it helps them with their creativity 

3. Creating and editing the vlog 

Whilst travelling I like to create daily vlogs (when I have a decent wifi connection!).   I love the process of filming then putting aside thirty minutes to be able to edit everything together to create a two minute video for our YouTube channel. 

The best bit is being able to put the videos on the TV so the boys can see themselves. Charlie is still too young to realise what’s going on but he bounces with excitement when he can see Alfie and himself. It’s the best feeling. The link to our YouTube channel is HERE

4. Listening to music


Listening to music

I hate a quiet house. At home there is always music or a podcast playing in every room. Spotify is everything to me and I’ve made sure we have a premium account so we can take our favourite playlists offline with us. 

When I’m working, I load up the Binaural Beats playlist and put on my noise cancelling headphones to block out the boys and the world. (Note: When it comes to tips on being more productive, this is the best one.)

5. Watching movies on our Amazon fire stick on rainy days

Could be a controversial one, but before you judge go and read this blog that I wrote about our favourite travel hack EVER.

6.  Relax and watch the sunset/rise



When you have two hyperactive boys you don’t get too many chances to sit and relax.  However, when we get the chance, we both like nothing more than to watch the sunset/rise. (Note: Laura is NOT a morning person, so it’s normally just me out there for sunrise!)

7. Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal is in my opinion the best card game of all time. My idol, Tim Ferriss, is also a fan!


If you haven’t played it, you need it in your life. It costs less than £10 and is a perfect way for Laura and I to take each other on. We are slowly getting Alfie involved as well, but he just wants to play snap, or “Match” as he calls it!

What do you like to do for chill time when you’re travelling?

Comment below and let us know 


  1. Though the country has been “found,” there are still many opportunities to wander off the beaten path, interact with locals, get in touch with nature, and avoid the hordes of travelers asking where they can get a burger.

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