Christmas Dinner: The 7 Year Itch

The 7-year itch is real….you heard it here folks – well actually when it comes to marriage wise, I have no clue seeing as we’ve only made it to 3 so far…I think it’s 3…but anyway, Christmas Dinner wise, definitely a thing.

I have cooked Christmas Dinner for numerous people every Christmas for the last 7 years….at least….this year I rebelled….I put my foot down and I refused, I tell you, refused!!!!

Ok so ‘refused’ might be a slight over exaggeration but I did rather convincingly (obviously) suggest that we went out for Christmas dinner this year. You know, to save me spending half the day in the kitchen getting increasingly stressed and sweaty and using more and more pots and pans. Then not actually being that hungry for my dinner seeing as I’d inevitably spent the 10 hours it took me to cook it ‘picking’ at things.

‘The Hubster’ got on board and after perusing various options (damn some places charge A LOT for grub at Christmas!) we picked somewhere that looked good, sounded yum and wasn’t actually going to break the bank! And the kids could share a portion and got a Christmas present each.

Christmas Day

After being rudely awoken by small people in our faces at 4.30am (I kid you not and no it was not Christmas excitement it’s actually a regular thing) we raced through the whole unwrapping of presents in a frenzy, got our glad rags on jumped in the car and moseyed on over to The Morritt Hotel and Spa at Greta Bridge (FYI no we did not receive payment of freebies of any kind for writing this).

We ate, we drank, we chased the boys around like lunatics because we forgot the duct tape that is required to get them to actually sit on a chair and we had a holly jolly good time.

Would I go out for Christmas dinner again? Honestly, I’m not sure, it was REALLY nice to be cooked for but there were just a few home comforts that were missing – stuffing and Yorkshire puds for one – is that not a staple part of Christmas dinner? Just me?! And as lovely as it was to actually get dressed and go out part of me enjoys lying around in my pyjamas all day, eating way more than is actually healthy and justifying it all with the obvious and obligatory ‘it’s ok, it’s Christmas!’.

There’s clearly only one solution…next year we’ll just have to hire a private chef!

Please find below various photo’s for your viewing pleasure – I wasn’t about to bore you with a blow by blow of what we all ate!

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals! xoxo


Trying to get these two to look at the camera, at the same time, without screaming….next to impossible!

Vanilla Pana Cotta, Exotic Fruit, Rum Syrup

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!!!

Twice Baked Cheese Souffle, Tomato Relish, Parmesan Glaze

Yorkshire Ham and Black Pudding Terrine, Apple Chutney, Cumberland Gel, Sourdough

So full we might pop….

Traditional Herb Fed Bronze Norfolk Turkey with all the trimmings….except stuffing 🙁

Citrus Posset, Orange & Coriander Salad, Lime Sorbet, Almond Biscotti

The Morritt Arms at Greta Bridge

He pulled every cracker at the table within 30 seconds of sitting down!




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