‘Dinner with Father Christmas’ at our local Wyevale Garden Centre Stockton

We were recently lucky enough to be invited to ‘Dinner with Father Christmas’ at our local Wyevale Garden Centre.


To be totally honest I’d never actually heard of Wyevale Garden Centre and had to google it! I’m so glad they got in touch though because we were missing a treat!

We just took the big one with us on this occasion and he was excited enough at the mere thought of seeing Santa on the way there,  but when we actually arrived I thought his head was going to explode!

‘Dinner with Father Christmas’ is served in the cafe at the garden centre but to get there you have to walk through a veritable winter wonderland! There were animated polar bears and reindeer, a talking tree, lights galore and more Christmas trees than I could count! I have never seen such a look of pure joy on my sons face as there was when he ran from display to display shouting ‘Mummy!! LOOK!!!

Needless to say it took us a while to actually get to the cafe but when we did we were shown to our table by one of Santa’s elves. There was already a treat of a ginger bread that you could decorate yourself waiting on the table and we weren’t waiting long before someone came over with drinks and our food which we had pre-ordered.

The big one had sausage, chips and beans which was fine but he was far more interested in his biscuit and the cakes that were on our festive afternoon tea!


The afternoon tea itself consisted of sandwiches, scones and a selection of cakes. The turkey sandwiches were delicious but I’m not going to lie, I was a little disappointed that there was only one type of sandwich…a bit of variety would have been lovely. The scones were heavenly though and I have it on good authority that the cakes were too – I was full at that point but Daddy and the big one dug in!

By the time we’d finished eating it wasn’t a long wait to see Santa and the big one passed the time by playing in the small soft play area that they have there.


Santa himself was brilliant! He engaged the ‘big one’ straight away and certainly made a fan of him in the time he took to talk to him. Another huge plus was that after talking to Santa he was allowed to choose his own present!

There was a really good selection, suitable for all ages and while I was eyeing up an art box and Daddy was looking at Dinosaurs, the big one went straight for a fire engine! Of which he has about 100, but would not be dissuaded!

The only one thing we would have had any differently was Santa’s grotto…the grotto itself was fab but we felt it could have been a little more private – it was open on two sides so was a little noisy with the excitement from all the other children watching on. Not that you could blame them….it was Santa!!!


Overall we had a great night, the atmosphere was very festive, the staff were friendly and helpful and we enjoyed the food – the big one was over the moon with Santa, his present and the lead up to the cafe.


Thank you very much Wyevale Garden Centre Stockton

Merry Christmas!

Please note that although we received a complimentary visit, all views are our own honest opinions!

Where have you been to visit Santa yet this year?

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