Surviving Glastonbury with two tots If you're planning on visiting the amazing Glastonbury festival with your children, you need to read this!




Hi, it’s Mark here. You may also know me as ‘Hubster’ or ‘Daddy’.  Or maybe you know me better as the poor guy from the video, who was in the shower when Laura decided it was a good time to scare me by putting talcum powder all over her face! (If you haven’t watched it yet, you can do so here)


“Daddy Talk” is going to be a more tactical, hack, tips approach to travelling.


Where we went, where we stayed and hopefully pass on some advice that we have adopted over the years and pass it on to you guys!


Following on from Laura’s excellent Glastonbury Blog, I wanted to show you exactly what we took with us.


How we survived Glastonbury with two tots


  1. Take a Tablet.


The journey down to Glastonbury from Scarborough was LONG. We have learnt over the years that our children can survive for 3 hours non-stop driving before they get bored and need to get out.


Luckily, Charlie is at that age where as soon as you turn the car engine on, he falls asleep. Alfie, however, wants attention.

He has had a ‘pad’ for a while now and they are a godsend. (How did we survive long car journeys when we were toddlers?!)


We programmed hours of Minions, Thomas The Tank Engine, Ben & Holly and other shows that he loves and he was set. If you have a tablet for your child, you need to invest in a SPECK TABLET CASE. Not only are they easy for your child to hold, they also bounce.  When I say bounce, I mean that when your child drops it from the top of the stairs onto a wooden floor, it doesn’t break, it bounces!


I have found one on Amazon for only £9.99, follow this link to buy one (CLICK HERE). It has saved us hundreds of pounds in replacement iPads, (Alfie is very clumsy).


Our iPad came in handy again when we were trying to watch a band and Alfie just wanted to sit in the double buggy and chill out.


  1. Invest in an external Battery charger


You have your iPad, you have your phone, your partners phone and God knows what else that needs charging. You’re going to be in a tent in the middle of a field with no charging points (in fact there are charging points in some locations at Glastonbury but they cost money and are accompanied by horrendous queues, and children don’t like queues!).

One of the best things we have ever invested in was an Anker external battery pack. You charge it at home and it lasts for days. You simply plug your charger cable in and it acts as a portable phone charger. I can’t believe that the major phone companies haven’t released their own version of this yet (more fool them!) It works on Apple, Samsung and all other popular phone manufacturers.



Whether you’re going to a festival or just leaving the house for the day, we all know how shocking smartphone batteries are. I went a bit overboard and bought 4 of these for the trip to Glastonbury! They are only £12, on Amazon, again here is the link to go and buy yours (CLICK HERE).


  1. Bring a Baby Carrier

I know there are other baby carriers out there, but I have to say that the Ergo Baby Carrier (above) is the best one we have ever had. It is suitable for carrying either Charlie or Alfie (Alfie is three years old!).


On the final day of Glastonbury, we had torrential rain. We were walking to the craft fields, trudging through mud.  Alfie was sitting on my shoulders and Charlie was in the baby carrier when we noticed that Alfie had fallen asleep. Annoyingly we had already packed the buggy away in the car, ready for our departure.  The Ergo Baby‘s ability to carry a three year old came in handy as we simply swapped Alfie into the Carrier and Laura carried Charlie. After three days of constant rain and walking what was the equivalent of the London marathon being able to carry Alfie in this way was amazing!


If you’re heading to a festival, don’t just rely on your buggy, invest in a baby carrier too. I’ve managed to find the Ergo Baby cheaper than in the shops, head here to buy it.



  1. Sneak alcohol into a festival using Fruit Shoots


One of the big advantages of going to a festival with kids is that you’re less likely to be searched by over zealous security guards.


To save a bit of money, pour your spirits or wine into Fruit Shoot bottles before going in.  Obviously don’t mix them up with the ones you intend to give the kids!



Note: Some festivals allowed you to bring alcohol in, this is for the ones that don’t!



  1. Pack the wet wipes!

Pack those wet wipes, you’re going to need them.


Charlie was crawling when we went to Glastonbury, need I say more?! Our favourites are the Water Wipes.


  1. Bring Snacks, Snacks and more Snacks!


Festival prices are ridiculous. Bring as many snacks as you can. Forget the fruit, that goes off too quickly. Get dried fruit instead. Don’t worry about being healthy at a festival, a few days off won’t hurt!


  1. Our most IMPORTANT tip

This is probably our most important tip, so listen up.


At a festival, you’re either going to be walking around in your shoes or asleep in your bed, so make sure you make a significant investment in both!

double-sleeping-bag-glastonbury glastonbury-blow-up-bed 

Here’s the sleeping bag we used (CLICK HERE).

Here is the blow up bed (CLICK HERE).

Here is the pair of shoes I wore (CLICK HERE)



I also recommend you get a very good battery powered air pump. The one we bought was shocking, luckily a good Samaritan came to our rescue!




  1. Don’t plan to see any of your favourite acts!


Laura and I have been to festivals all over the world pre-kids. When you go with children, you have to be prepared that it is likely you will not get to see any of your favourite acts. Especially at a festival like Glastonbury where you have to walk across a distance equivalent to that of a small town, just to get from one stage to the next.


Instead, just go with the flow. Get a base and discover something new. Enjoy, people watch and chill.


Get that aforementioned Fruit Shoot out which is  full of your favourite spirit (mine was Sailor Jerrys!); supply your child with their favourite snack and the fully charged iPad and strap your baby to your chest with a baby carrier. Then just enjoy the fact that you’re surviving a festival with kids.


If you’re reading this and are wary of going to a festival with children, trust me, it is easy! It is something you have to experience at least once in your lifetime.


Check out our Snapchat story from Glastonbury.  

Yes, it will most likely rain, you will get stuck in crowds and there is a strong chance you won’t get much sleep. BUT I GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL LEAVE WITH MEMORIES THAT WILL LAST YOU A LIFETIME.



  1. So you guys are basically my heros. I love to travel, I have always travelled, and I traveled (LOTS) with my family when we were kids.

    I have so many, I mean too many to count, married/settled with children NON-traveling friends who love to ‘inform’ me that once I have children, it will all come to an end… sorry guys, not in my world.

    10 years ago I was in India and I met a single mum who was backpacking around South East Asia with her 7 year old. She was home schooling her for 18 months and I can remember thinking “what an amazing gift to give to your child!”

    I would love to do this, with my as yet unborn children. I have actually ended relationships with guys who have told me that THAT “just wouldn’t happen, EVER!”

    It’s amazing what you guys are doing! Keep up the amazing blog.

    Ps as far as I’m concerned, Glastonbury is THE GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH! maybe see you there 2017!

    • Thank you so much for this what a lovely msg! Sorry it’s taken us so long to answer we’re travelling around Asia and now India and the wifi has been a bit scatty at best 😀 we’re big believers in travelling with ours kids and want to prove to others that it’s completely possible! It’s important to us that our boys have a well rounded view of the world and it’s cultures!

  2. That saves me. Thanks for being so seisbnle!

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