Today I was a Bitch

Today I was not at my finest, today I was quite probably an outright cow…in fact today I was a B*tch!

I am not proud of myself.

Our household has been hit by the dreaded ‘bug’ or ‘lurgy’ or whatever vaguely creepy name you want to call it. A really s*itty one if you catch my drift…

The ‘big one’ and my husband (I’m in disgrace which is why he is husband not ‘the Hubster’) luckily have already had it, I currently have it and the ‘little one’ seems to be getting it – on top of some pretty vicious teething, oh and an ear infection!

You can pretty much imagine the mood in our house right now…


Looking after kids can be hard, especially when you’re ill and even more so when you’re on your own and ill…in his defense my husband worked his shift and then mine – we work for ourselves and job share – it was incredibly busy today so it was inevitable that one of us had to work – I know this, I understand this but today there was no way I was being rational about this!

So after working a 10-hour shift he came home to a cross-eyed, steam coming out of her ears, about to have to go and rock in a corner wife, a rather poorly screaming baby and a rather hyper- active, bored out of his mind toddler…oh and did I also mention that the first thing I roared at him was ‘I JUST NEED 10 MINUTES OF PEACE!!!!!!!’

In my defense, I was not feeling my best, I’m a bit of a gremlin when I’m ill, I may look fluffy and sweet on the outside but I’m all crazy eyed, slime drooling and b*tchy on the inside! Mother nature is also currently holidaying with us – not a good combo! So I’d spent 10 hours being thrown up on, pooped all over, screamed at, jumped all over, nagged at and generally driven a little bit potty by ‘the boys’ and no matter what I did and how I tried to entertain them…they just wouldn’t stop…

Now don’t get me wrong  I like to think I’m not totally hopeless as a Mummy/Human being…I am well aware that none of this was their fault but that didn’t mean my stress levels weren’t rocketing and I lost my Mummy cool and snapped at them once or twice…like I said I am not proud of myself today.

I got my ’10 minutes of peace’, the Hubster (I am now forgiven) took them both out for a drive and bought the ‘big one’ an ice-cream at the beach to make up for Mummy’s shoddy parenting skills. (I think they thought I was losing it a bit when I was snapping one second and then bawling ‘Mummy’s sorry’ in time with the little one’s screams the next – maybe I should have titled this ‘Today I was a bit of a basket case’). He is great with the boys, they have a fantastic Daddy (easy now babe, I know you’ll read this, let’s not get too big headed…x).


We have a mantra in our family that we (try to) tell ourselves every day – simply that ‘Today is going to be a good day’.

Today was not a good day, today was sh*t, today I was a B*tch!

I’ve been sitting here for the last hour or so criticising and berating myself and telling myself that I am not a nice Mummy (you know general pity party for one type stuff – minus the obligatory glass of Prosecco due to the ‘lurgy’) and have come to the conclusion that – sometimes it’s ok to have a bad day! I mean it’s pretty much inevitable right? We’re only human and sometimes that inner B*tch just needs a bit of an airing…

Tomorrow will be a good day, tomorrow I am going to be the best Mummy I can be, tomorrow I will not be a B*tch!!!

***Disclaimer: no babies, toddlers or Husband’s were harmed in the writing of this blog***

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