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 Via our Twitter account, (@2TravellingTots) we reached out and asked our followers if they would like to take part in a fun new blog idea. We sent everyone who wanted to take part some questions about travelling and every month, we are going to share  YOUR answers with the world! 

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First up, we have the lovely Ty Shults


  1. Where is your favourite place that you have travelled to?


TY – I’ve travelled to nine different countries and quite a few states in this country.  Switzerland is a gorgeous place with some amazing people.  Germany has the best homemade ice cream on the planet!  Belgium is full of the most intricate and detailed architecture!  But my favourite place, by far, is Sedona, Arizona.  From the desert to the twisted trees, the red rocks to the energy, the diverse people, the cultures, it’s truly the most beautiful place I’ve ever been!  



  1. Where in the world would you love to travel most?


TY–  I used to say if I could go anywhere in the world it would be Ireland.  And I’d still like to visit there.  But as a photographer, the one place I would go, if I could, is New Zealand!  The countryside is gorgeous!  I don’t even know what kind of activities they have there other than travelling around and taking photos, which is what I’d do!  



  1. What is your ONE essential travel item?


TY–  My one essential travel item (other than my pillow ) is my camera bag!!  So many people don’t get to travel.  I know that for many, including friends who are disabled and not able to get out, my photos give them a chance to experience the world through my eyes.  I’ve promised myself that if I become a well-known photographer, my goal would be to bring photos to nursing homes through a projection system.  It would project nature photos onto a large wall and rotate photos every 30 minutes or so, giving those who aren’t able to get around anymore the opportunity to experience more of this beautiful planet!  


A massive thank you to Ty for answering our questions, if you want to check out Ty’s excellent photos, then head to this website



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