Travelling with Children Travelling with children is certainly an experience.

It’s an experience for you, it’s an experience for them and if you have children like ours, it’s an experience for everyone you come into contact with!

We recently spent four days in Ko Phi Phi, it rained for 3 of them.  

When I say rain, I don’t mean a bit of light rain that makes your hair frizzy.  I mean heavens opening, bucketing down, can’t leave the room rain, which will make you look like you’ve showered in your clothes if you spend more than five seconds in it.  


When you’re stuck on Ko Phi Phi, you’re properly stuck.  We were staying on the north of the island and if you want to go anywhere you need to go by boat. The storm was so severe that no boats were going out for fear of sinking!

If you have children that are as rowdy as ours, when you’re trapped inside you need to think of ways to entertain them. 
We had used all of our sticker books, we had drawn on every page of our colouring books and the toys that we took away with us were deemed not good enough by our little monsters. So, we turned to probably the greatest travel hack we have ever come up with.

Greatest Travel Hack!

This is definitely one for the modern travelling family and I’m fully aware that it might not be for the purists.  However, for a lot of travelling families this will be a light bulb moment. I can’t even take credit for the idea as it was down to my wife, Laura.

Before we set off travelling, Laura turns to me and says, “Why don’t we pack the AMAZON FIRE STICK?” 

I was in two minds but we packed it, mainly because it took up NO ROOM in the travel bags.  For those who don’t know what an Amazon Fire Stick is, watch this video.

Luckily there was WiFi in the room, albeit at a slow 3Mbps.  We gave it a go anyway and plugged in the Amazon Stick into the back of the TV.  It loaded up with no problems and hey presto, we now had YouTube at our finger tips! 
We all snuggled up in bed, the boys transfixed as they watched ‘Ryan’s Toy Reviews’, ‘Paw Patrol’ and all the other shows that they are addicted to.

How about mummy and daddy? Well, we were able to get some much needed chill time. 

We coloured in our relaxation books and had the chance to take a quick nap each.  All the while the boys were having a great time. We had prepared for our ‘TV and Chill Day’ by braving the rain and running to the local shop to stock up on snacks, drinks and balloons (Charlie loves balloons!). 


Alfie kept calling it “our indoor picnic”. Charlie was screaming with delight too!

We even had a chance to watch some of our own shows on YouTube.  I’m a massive Gary Vee fan and we both love watching The Michalaks.  We’re both fans of Ed Sheehan too and he had just released two new songs which we had on repeat for ages. Charlie loves a dance, so he was well away. 

I think any modern parents travelling with children understands the importance of taking an iPad or entertainment for your children when you go away. Next time, why not take your Fire Stick with you?

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