We Hired a Bali Babysitter

Traveling with toddlers can be tough.  It’s not all fun and wonderment!  If you’re traveling with children under the age of six then you just have to think a little differently than you otherwise would.

Firstly, there’s the tantrums.  This can be from both the one year old and the four year old. Then there’s the tactical napping,

“If he falls asleep after 4pm, then there’s no way he’s going to go back to sleep before 9pm!”

People with children under four will recognise this dilemma!

Then there are nappies.  How many do you pack?  When are you next going to be able to get some?  Especially when you run out on an island in the middle of south east Asia! 

We also have to consider food; the constant need to be on guard so the one year old who has just started walking doesn’t wander off;  the four year old’s mood swings, foot stamping, pouting and constant ‘I want, I want I want’!   I swear he’s four going on fourteen…

Don’t get me wrong, being in a position that we are able to travel to these far flung places with the boys is amazing. As we have always said,

“They are going to be a pain in the arse wherever you are in the world, they might as well be a pain in the arse in paradise!”

This trip we’ve gone away for three months, which is the longest we’ve done.  At home, they are both at nursery three days a week, so we have the opportunity to be just adults for six hours a day, three days a week. 

However, when you’re travelling it’s full on 24/7 child entertainment time.  There’s no grandparent you can go and dump them on to give you a break.  There’s no nursery of course and you are in each other’s faces, waking, eating and sleeping together, every hour of the day and every day of the week.

During this trip we planned to spend a month in Bali.   Just before we arrived, we had an idea to see if there’s a babysitter or day care club near to where we’re staying.  If there was a chance we could get a few hours break, it would be amazing.  A chance to actually sit on a sun bed in the sun and not move would be a dream!


We obviously had the usual concerns,

  • Would they be qualified?
  • What form would the day care take? 
  • Would the boys be able to settle with them?

We started looking on Facebook groups.  There really is a group for EVERYTHING on Facebook!  We discovered one called ‘Bali Babies’ and we joined up and posted a question. 


“Travelling to Bali for a month, looking for any recommended childcare day centres or a babysitter?”

The response was amazing. So many parents recommending babysitters all over the island.

We contacted a few people and finally settled on a lady called Wiwik who turned out to be amazing! We arranged for her to come and visit us at the place where we were staying, to spend a few hours with us as a test session.

She rocked up with Lego and Balloons which are Alfie and Charlie’s favourites!  The boys were instantly in love with Wiwik and so were we.  For the first session we stayed in the villa with them, relaxing by the pool as the boys played. 

Now I’m sure you’re thinking that that must have been expensive?  Actually for four hours it worked out as £10. 

A babysitter for four hours for just £10!


We felt as though we had discovered the ultimate travel hack for parents with young children. 

During our time in Bali, Wiwik came to play with the boys ten times, that’s forty hours of R&R for Laura and myself.

We made the most of it by taking a ride on a moped down to the beach, we got couples massages and just generally hit the pause button and relaxed. 

We want to hear from you.  Have you ever hired a babysitter whilst travelling?  Comment below and let us know.


  1. Travelling with a little one will be a pleasure when you know your order is waiting for you, and not the other way around!

  2. We look forward to meeting you and your children on the island of Gods – Beautiful Bali!

  3. Totally! Love doing this wherever we can too! Very sound advice!

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